Graphology in Japan

Name of the organization

Japan Association of Graphology

Name of the Fouder

Hiroshi Nemoto

Profile of the Founder

Born in 1940.Government certified business consultant.
Wrote eight books about graphology in the past.
Often appeared on TV and other media as most famous 
graphologist in Japan.

Line of actibities

  • 1.Education,publication and organizing a lecture about Graphology.
  • 2.Consultation and counseling with Graphology in personal matters.
  • 3.Analyzing and examining the handwriting
  • 4.Training for becoming a graphologist

Message from the Founder

I started to study and reserch graphology around 1990 when it became necessary to enhance my business consulting job by improving the profiling process of my clients.
A few years later,I developed this system based on the studies of eminent scholars in Japan.
Since 1995, I have been devoted to teaching graphology to those who want to be graphologist as well as analyzing and examining handwriting mainly in judicial contexts.
In the past fifteen years,I have been the consultant for about 400 companies and taught about 500 trainees ,as well as given my report of the analysis of handwriting to more than 700 clients such as lawyers.
I am proud to have contributed in some degree to the development of graphology in Japan.
My hope is to promote graphology more in Japan and to improve people’s lives with it.

Japan Association of Graphology

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